Plushie Collection

I collect all sorts of plushies. Doesn't matter the type, as long as I think it's cute. I really like plushies of unusual animals, the kinds of animals you don't see plushies of often. I love beanie babies a lot for this reason; besides just being cute, beanie babies come in so many different species, including species you don't see made into plushies that much, like bugs and spiders! (although I don't have any of those ones... yet)

My plushie collection used to be much bigger than this, but I unfortunately had to get rid of a lot of them during my last move, since the place I moved to was significantly smaller, and I did not have a lot of space to keep them. I'm slowly growing my collection again, but I still don't have a lot of space to keep them, so I unfortunately can't grow it quite as large as it used to be, at least not as long as I'm living where I am.

Regardless, here are the plushies I currently own! Click the images to see them in all their glory. (these are actual images I took of them!)