3DS Themes

an animated separator line made to look like it's dripping slime

I've been very interested in 3DS homebrew lately, and have started putting together my own 3DS themes and splash screens. I don't have very many of them yet, but I like making themes for my obscure interests.

Note that in order to install these, you'll need a 3DS with homebrew installed. See 3ds.hacks.guide for instructions on how to install homebrew. (If you'd like to know what else you can do with a hacked 3DS besides apply custom themes, check out this guide by Paperpal et al.)

Hover over each preview image for a QR code (which can be scanned using the Anemone 3DS app to install them directly to your 3DS) or click to download the theme files from Theme Plaza.

Got a request for a theme? No guarantee I'll make it, but you can let me know what kinds of themes you'd like to see me make by filling out my contact form.

These can be set to show when the 3DS is booted.